The First 24 Hours


Yeah, that’s right: the Japanese Challenge began yesterday morning! We’ve had our first formal lesson with our Japanese teacher, tried to absorb the Hiragana writing system, labelled lots of objects in my language school in Japanese and crammed vocabulary until we fell asleep in our makeshift camp made of beanbags and blankets; but most of all, we had a real ball! To give you an impression of our first 24 hours, I’m posting a few videos. Please don’t laugh too hard at our probably rather unintelligible Japanese. I promise it’ll get better soon!


My response to Charlie’s attempt to wake me up with Japanese questions! Need to learn swear words for a more eloquent reply.

In the afternoon, we got really tired and did these videos. We didn’t even realise that the “r” in “tori” (bird) would be pronounced as an “l”. But then, we wouldn’t have had all the fun tori shooting!

We also practiced introductions: here are takes 1 and 2!





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